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Breeders of Paso Fino, Trocha, and Trote y Galope Colombian horses, we have contributed and been active members of the Paso Fino world community for more than 50 years.  

Our bloodlines in Paso Fino come from Bochica, Contrapunto, Amadeus, Astro, and Clásico de Plebeyo.   In Trocha from El Arco, Pompeyo, Mariscal, Tupac Amaru,
and Tayrona.  And in Trote y Galope from Rey Pele, Melchor, Vallenato,
Veneno, and La Serenata.

Members of the Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA) in the U.S., and Asdepaso in Colombia, we are proud to offer top quality at great prices.

Here you will find information, news and articles about the fascinating Paso Fino , Trocha, and the Trote y Galope horse.  From basic topics for those of you who
are new to this beautiful horse (or horses in general),
to technical and detailed analysis.

We have also been developing our line of products, specially designed for the care, maintenance, and performance of top quality horses.   We offer tack, hand-made leather goods like zamarros and saddles, collectibles, and much more.

Come in and experience the love and passion for horses that have been guiding us through all these years!

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